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Enhance your curb appeal –PAINT, PRUNE & POLISH
Improve your property for maximum enjoyment; protect and enhance its value-whether you are selling now or NOT!

Front entry door, porch and stair railings should sparkle with fresh paint & cleaning

Make front door "pop” with a carefully chosen accent color

Replace rotted trim with Azek-no future repairs!

A house and roof wash done right will freshen whole exterior

Painting the whole house too expensive? Consider painting only the front for good 1st impression

Use a light color-even if you prefer rich or deep colors

Paint and repair damage-Hire a pro to repair ALL rot-don’t ‘fill’ and paint over rot.Assess cause of rot-water or insects? It will only continue to rot further and extensive damage may result. Inspectors will note this and buyers will be concerned about what ‘else’ is wrong

A house that is ‘hidden’ is a tough sell. Design a pleasant, inviting entrance-make a welcoming impression.

Restore unsightly or overgrown trees & shrubs. Properly pruned plants scaled to house are an asset. Large Rhodies & overgrown plants may be transplanted or SOLD!

Cut back foundation plantings from house to allow air circulation & sun

Entry plantings should be in scale with the house and enhance the home’s features

Trim all trees, shrubs and branches that overhang the roof or are close to the house-causes roof damage and may allow animals to get into house

Plan for winter/spring interest and color in front entry-Cape Cod ‘greens up’ late!

Repair and/or upgrade walkway to front door-even if you don’t use the front door-buyers will!

Apply fresh mulch-beautification and conservation for very little money-reduces the need for watering and weeding

Spot seed and fertilize the lawn; regularly mow the lawn higher, as this helps hide weeds and sparse areas

Replace rusted or pitted exterior lighting fixtures, door hardware. If in good condition, polish until they sparkle

Offer a well lit entry-be sure bulbs are bright and working; consider solar powered LED landscape lights along walkway

Keep walkway and steps swept, cleared and safe from ice, leaves & debris

Add an attractive by functional welcome mat. Visitors don’t want to track dirt in, so make it easy for them to wipe their feet