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Fiction: MYTH #1

"Discount” brokers can do an adequate job selling real estate.


Promotional costs such as photographs; brochures; newspaper, magazine, and TV ads; MLS insertion fees; printing; direct mail; personally distributed newsletters; professional support staff; Web-site maintenance and fees; signs; bus benches; and more are paid for by a full-service, full-fee agent.

Ask yourself:

Will the discount broker offer a complete marketing campaign?
Does the discount broker have a staff to personally attend to your specific needs?
Does he/she have a proven track record of success, or is he/she using the discounted commission to win our business?
Does he/she have the expertise to guide you through problems that may develop during the closing process?
Will the discount broker be motivated during difficult times to go the extra mile for you, or will they move on to another deal that doesn’t take so much of their time?
Your home is an asset to a discount broker and makes their phone ring. If your home sells, they lose business. Why would they want to sell your home for a discounted fee when they can make more selling other properties?
Remember that you only pay a commission if and when your property sells successfully. The supply of buyers through your home will be very restricted if marketing is limited.
Fiction: MYTH #2

Deborah Schilling sells a lot of real estate. Perhaps she is too busy to pay attention to my listing.


Just as superior restaurants are busy at dinner time and superior doctors have long patient lists, Deborah Schilling’s success in marketing homes provides me with many more homes to sell. Like good restaurants and doctors, Deborah Schilling has set up a top-flight team to assist with the routine details to free up agents to devote the time and attention required to sell your property successfully. Deborah Schilling built her business one satisfied customer at a time. For you to be another satisfied customer who spreads the word about how well you were served is her goal.
Fiction: MYTH #3

You should select the REALTOR® who says they can get you the highest price.


This is the oldest scam in real estate: Tell the seller what they want to hear, act excited, and compliment the home to get the listing. Then ask for a price reduction in a few days—or even a few weeks. Don’t buy into that. Insist on a written, well-researched market analysis. Select your REALTOR based on credentials and track record, and then use market data to decide on price.