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Posted by Deborah Schilling on 5/16/2019

You are ready to become a homeowner, and like most tenants, you probably dream of the day you will kiss (or maybe just text) your landlord goodbye. However, an end to the dreaded rent-due reminder is only one of many reasons you should seriously think about, and plan for home ownership. Here are more:

Pride of ownership

There is a sense of pride that will well up inside you as soon as youíre handed the keys to your new abode. Itís something like what you felt when you bought your first set of wheels, only more significant. Even if you reach the end of your rope, you have your own place to rest your head at night. You canít quite say this for a car, though you can sleep in it.

Securing your finances for the long haul

Besides reducing your monthly expenditure, owning your home makes for better financial planning. Rents may rise or fall depending on various factors, so not having to factor it into your budget makes your spending easier to predict. 

Furthermore, a house is one of the few assets that can increase in value with time. As long as human beings who need a roof over their heads are being born, housing will always be in demand. 

As you pay your mortgage month by month, you are putting money towards the ownership of an asset. With rent, you will just be temporarily addressing your need for shelter while enriching your landlord.

You get tax breaks

If you have joined the ranks of homeowners in the US, you will qualify for deductions in the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage. The amount of property tax you pay will also be subsidized. 

Lay a foundation

Being a tenant who may or may not be around next month demotivates most of them from growing roots where they stay. If you have invested in a home, you have also staked your future on the area it is situated. You will, therefore, be more interested in knowing your neighbors and building lasting relationships with them. You will also want to participate in projects that will better the area for the long-term. That satisfying sense of belonging will strengthen year by year.

Take the first step towards home owning your very own home by asking your local bank what it takes to get a mortgage.

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Posted by Deborah Schilling on 3/21/2019

Moving is a big deal. You spend money to have people take your stuff from one place to another. You pay more to get the supplies into which you pack your belongings. Then don't forget you spend the time to put all of your possessions into the hands of said people to move your items. Man, that is a lot of spending! If you are hoping for some creative ways to spend a little less read on for some ideas.


If you have ever gone into your local store at odd hours, you have no doubt come across somebody stocking shelves. Stores go through many, many boxes while trying to keep their products stocked. If you go to your local stores, varying stores will mean different kinds of boxes, and ask them to set boxes aside for you. Most stores will do this if you come to get them within specified time frames. Another source of boxes nowadays are friends who purchase items online. Let store managers know that you are moving and in need of boxes so that when they receive a product through shipping, they can save the boxes for you. Again make sure to pick them up quickly so that it does not become a burden to them or they may not offer next time.

Fragile items 

No one wants to get to their next house only to find that the fragile items that you packed did not make it in one piece. One way to avoid that without spending much is to use other items in your house. Things such as towels and washcloths or sheets and pillowcases make great buffers and wrapping for dishes, trinkets and the like that you want to protect through the process of moving. The added perk to this is that you donít have to pack extra boxes for these items. 

Furniture protection 

Likewise, blankets and sheets that are not your best linens are great for protecting your furniture from point A to point B. They ensure that dings and scrapes stay at bay. Items used for this purpose have a chance of being ripped so keep that in mind when choosing to use this option. 

Keeping the cost of moving down is possible with a little ingenuity 

Moving costs enough on its own without the added expense of moving supplies. Although some items are not replaceable, like tape for your boxes and mattress covers, there are ways for you to be able to use other things at your disposal to prevent the cost of moving from exceeding your budget. Make sure to contact a local professional if you need help with your move.

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